• Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder released on GitHub

    Tags: Community DNX

    Today I am very proud to release my open source project Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder. I already worked on the code for the past weeks. Some day I realized the code as well as the project is not too bad so … more

  • Changes in the .NET Ecosystem

    Tags: .NET Core ASP.NET

    A modularized .NET Ecosystem is comming. Using .NET without Windows, without Visual Studio and even without .NET Framework becomes simpler than ever before!

    The past months have been really … more

  • Fancy.CoreClrHost published

    Tags: .NET Core

    In my previous blog post I showed you how you can host the .NET Core Clr in your own process. Now I published an open source project for a .NET Core Clr host using the code snippets of in the … more

  • Hosting .NET Core Clr in your own process

    Tags: .NET Core

    .NET Core is a new cloud optimized .NET Runtime developed by Microsoft. It has been announced and published a few months ago. The target of this new runtime is to provide a modular development stack … more

  • Back Button and Page Title in Universal Apps

    Tags: Apps WinRt Xaml

    When developing my app World Places my target was to resue as much code as possible. To achive this goal the problems started at the very beginning when I started to develop the app. Unfortunately … more

  • World Places Released

    Tags: Apps

    Today I am very happy to announce the successfull certification and release of my new app World Places to the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. This app is my self learning project to adopt … more

  • fancy GReader discontinued

    Tags: Apps

    Unfortunately Google discontinued its famous RSS news reader service Google Reader. This service was the source for my app fancy GReader. Without this service the app can nothing do for you anymore. … more

  • fancy GReader Published

    Tags: Apps

    My first Windows 8 App has been published in the Windows Store. It is a client to read your feeds stored in your Google Reader account. The first version of the apps allows you read yor feed items … more

  • Dynamic Loading of Xaml in WinRt

    Tags: WinRt Xaml

    I often need to compose some parts of my application at runtime.The UI is one area in WinRt where you can do this. Here it is possible to dynamically load xaml views. This is what you need to do: … more

  • Extending Metro Applications after Deployment

    Tags: WinRt

    One of the first questions I asked myself when I started developing Metro Style apps with .NET was: How can I design an extensible and manageable application architecture? Some kind of a plug in … more

  • Welcome to my new blog

    Welcome to my new blog. I decided to start to blog about .NET related topics to keep in touch with the community, learn from the community, share ideas and get feedback. If you wanna know … more