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Today I am very happy to announce the successfull certification and release of my new app World Places to the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. This app is my self learning project to adopt new technologies in the world of windows runtime. With World Places you can have a look outside to the World. You can not only browse over 25000 Webcams. You can also see Information to the current weather and see the location of the place on a map. To get fast access to your frequently used places you can add them to a list of favourits. Favourite places will be shown at the home page of the app and all data of favourite places is available offline. Additionally the app shows the webcam images of your favourites at the live tile. On startup the app shows automatically places with webcams near by your current location. World Places is also available for Windows Phone and synchronizes favourites automatically to all used devices.

When developing the app I had the focus to get in touch with the following aspects of an app for the Windows ecosystem:

  • Universal Apps (adopting different screen sizes and platforms)
  • Multilingual design of an app (the app is available in german and english)
  • Sync between Windows and Windows Phone (favourites are synced beween all devices)
  • Offline availablity of data provided from REST services

See some screenshots of the app at the app page here.

Here are the download links for both the Windows and the Windows Phone version of the app:

In some of my future posts I am going to share some of my experiences made when developing this app.

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