.NET Usergroup Talk - Inside .NET Core and DNX

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Yesterday I talked about .NET Core and DNX (.NET Execution Environment) at the .NET Usergroup Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany). We had a very nice discussion about the changes the DNX brings into a developers live when working with the .NET technology. Again I would like to thank all attendees for the interest. As promised you can find the slides I used for the talk here.

All the Samples I showed and even more examples you can find at my sample GitHub repository here: https://github.com/fancyDevelopment/Fancy.Samples

If you have any open question to this topic or need some help or advice in a project don`t hesitate to leave a comment on this post or contact me directly via E-Mail. 

If another Usergroup is interested in this topic contact me also. I am always pleased to give this talk at other Usergroups!

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