Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder released on GitHub

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Today I am very proud to release my open source project Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder. I already worked on the code for the past weeks. Some day I realized the code as well as the project is not too bad so I decided to make it open source.

Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder is a library to generate a JSON schema and a declarative form description (also in JSON) from your data transfer objects written in .NET. You can then feed this two items into the very popular open source JavaScript library Angular Schema Form. This library then renders a form in html into the browser. The combination of Angular Schema Form and Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder makes it super easy for .NET developers to create very rich web forms without having to write any html form specific code (apart from the single line in your HTML markup you need to call the Angular Schema Form  library).

The library itself is developed using the brand new DNX (.NET Execution Environment).  This project is my first larger project using DNX. I chose DNX to get more practical experience on it (event if it is still in beta) and of course to be ready for the future. This means you can use Fancy.SchemaFormBuilder with your current ASP.NET 4 application as well as with your ASP.NET 5 application (For thouse who do not kow yet: ASP.NET 5 is based on DNX).

I hosted the code of the project at GitHub. You can find it here:

I also released the first versions for testing to You can download the nuget package for this project here:

Within the next weeks I plan some posts with tutorial character on how to use the project in your ASP.NET application.

Stay tuned for updates!

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