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  • Changes in the .NET Ecosystem

    Tags: .NET Core ASP.NET

    A modularized .NET Ecosystem is comming. Using .NET without Windows, without Visual Studio and even without .NET Framework becomes simpler than ever before!

    The past months have been really … more

  • Fancy.CoreClrHost published

    Tags: .NET Core

    In my previous blog post I showed you how you can host the .NET Core Clr in your own process. Now I published an open source project for a .NET Core Clr host using the code snippets of in the … more

  • Hosting .NET Core Clr in your own process

    Tags: .NET Core

    .NET Core is a new cloud optimized .NET Runtime developed by Microsoft. It has been announced and published a few months ago. The target of this new runtime is to provide a modular development stack … more