I am Daniel Murrmann and you are currently on my Blog. I have years of experience in building large distributed software systems, leading projects and developing teams based on agile methods. Currently I am working as an Agile Coach within a globally distributed business unit at Continental. I am located in Regensburg, Germany.

In my profession as well as in my spare time I am delving into the details of different current technologies. I am developing software with .NET since the first version of .NET in 2002. It is my passion to build modern and innovative applications using the latest technologies from the .NET and web universe. 

Besides the interrest in concrete technologies I have also a strong knowledge in how to design state of the art software architectures. Especially in the time of apps, micoservices, etc. we have to deal with highly distributed software systems. In my opinion, a well designed software architecture is one of the key success factors for a successful software project.

I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, an iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture and a member of the .Net and SharePoint Usergroup Regensburg.

What is fancy Development? Well, this is my place at the internet to keep contact with the community, learn from the community, share ideas and get feedback. I blog about new .NET as well as web technologies, problems and solutions I encounter in my life as a developer and consultant.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback to my blog, feel free to contact me.


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